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If you could say only ONE thing about the company

By 27 May 2020June 22nd, 2020No Comments

Inhale, stop for a while and think about how you usually describe the company when you meet other people. Are you saying the first thing that pops up in your head or do you make a little speech?

It happens all the time, someone asks you “So what do you do?” and you get the chance that many miss out on – to effectively spread the company’s message through the most valuable communication channel of all; word of mouth. So how do you take advantage of the opportunity?

Elevator pitch

Look the person in the eye and smile, be straight to the point and keep it short. Tell them about the company, your products and services, the benefits of them and why one should choose you instead of the competition. Also remember to avoid internal expressions and technical terms. Finish by checking if the person is interested and reach out your hand to test your close.

Well… I think that the elevator pitch contains too much information for an uninformed listener to understand the essentials and then wanting and being able to share it with someone else at a later date.

The alternative

Describe problems that your customers have and how you solve them. Limit yourself to a single sentence. Then let them know that they can share your contact information with others they’ll encounter in the future if they need your services.

The chance that your answer to the question “So what do you do?” will be spread by word of mouth just increased spectacularly. Everyone understands, remembers and can share your company’s simple and memorable message – given that you have one of course.

So do you need to customize your answer depending on who is asking? It could be the parent you talk to when you leave your kid at school, the neighbor in the block where you live, the lucky fellow you ended up next to at dinner or the whole audience at this year’s industry event where you are about to give a speech.

The answer is no. Everyone deserves to get the same simple description of your business and you should always take the chance to find new customers when the opportunity arises, right?


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